Large Concrete Poles Order from Guyana

The Guyanese company “Gaico Construction & General Services Inc.” provides shore base facilities for companies such as ExxonMobil offers. For the construction of a scaffolding on the freight yard of the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI), Gaico has awarded the order of concrete piles to Kuldipsingh.

At least 495 pieces prestressed concrete poles (400x400 mm, length 24.5 m) were manufactured. This project has allowed Kuldipsingh and GYSBI to strengthen their relationship through frequent near and offshore activities.

A total of three ship loads were required to transport the poles by boat to Georgetown (167, 147 and 181 pieces). Even though the delivery period of the poles was tight, Kuldipsingh still managed to deliver the three orders within the given time. This was all made possible thanks to the commitment and effort of Kuldipsingh’s employees. A load of grey pavers (30,000 pieces, 20x10x12cm) also went along with the last shipload. This amount enables the entire yard (600 m²) to be paved.

The feedback received from Gaico is very positive and even a next order is expected in the short term. Gaico is satisfied with the quality, delivery speed, the fulfilment of agreements and the dedication of Kuldipsingh. Fruitful discussions have already taken place with a representative of Gaico who has already travelled to Suriname twice for a visit to the factory of Kuldipsingh Prefab Division and the Kuldipsingh Port Facility. Most importantly, Kuldipsingh hopes to have left the right impression.