Houttuin 1 School Visits Kuldipsingh

On Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 March, the youngest pupils at the Houttuin 1 School visited our store on the Martin Luther Kingweg. A visit to Kuldipsingh fitted nicely with their kindergarten school project about building.

At Kuldipsingh they could see everything you must do to build, and what materials and tools you need.  It was a very educational tour for them, and we hope this has made their building lessons easier.


The Tour

When the little students arrived at Kuldipsingh, they all received safety helmets.  They wore these so they could safely walk around the outside areas.  This was the first time most of the children had ever worn such a cool, sturdy helmet.  They all thought this was very exciting, and we took some delightful photos.

When they all had their helmets on, they walked  (with their supervisors) to an area behind the store.  Here they saw a demonstration with a concrete mixer truck, and they could ask questions.  Afterwards they walked back to the store, where they were shown essential tools and building materials.  Then, after asking even more questions, it was time to end the tour.



Both the welfare of our country and the future of our youth are important to Kuldipsingh.  By giving tours and educational day trips we hope to contribute to the positive social and mental development of children, pupils and students, both now and in the future.