Kuldipsingh Total Concrete is specialized in producing prestressed concrete elements such as bridge girders, piles, sheet piles, and floorslabs.

During the productin process, the wires or twists are stretched between two heavy concrete slabs or steel beams, which are anchored to a strong foundation. Then the concrete is poured into the bank . this process is called the long-bank-principle.

The greatest advantage is that we can create extremely long concrete elements. In this way wecan meet the need for different types of concrete elements very well.

Kuldipsingh Total Concrete prefab-division uses: the TL mould, the RL-mould, the 400x400 pile mould, the 300x300 pile mould, 450x450 pile mould and concrete walls mould.


We attempt to provide high quality and service. That's why we choose ISO certification..