Kuldipsingh Port Facility aims to accommodate national and international ships for import and export.

Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. was established in June 2015. Its aim is to accommodate national and international ships for import and export. 

  • Current Deck Load Capacity: 6160 m² of 5 ton + 2970 m² of 10 Ton. 
  • Total berth accomodation : 350 meter.
  • Mooring possible for all types of vessels

Port services

  • Unloading and loading ships with any type of cargo.
  • Storage facilities for large batches of bulk cargoes, steel, heavy equipment and containers.
  • Stevedores are available 24/7 and work in shifts during a release operation.
  • Logistics: deliveries of loads from the storage space at the port to the designated space of the customer.
  • Special berth for offshore ships.

Berth Facilities

Accommodates all types of vessels with berth space for loading and unloading cargoes in and from Suriname.

Storage Facilities

  • Open Storage Area of 9HA available for Logs, Steel pipes.
  • Covered Storage: 9000 m² for Storage of: Cement, Lime, Rice.
  • Warehouse:4500 m2 + 1675 m² for General cargo.
  • Open Area: 12600 m² for Container and Vehicles Storage. 
  • Existing jetty: 15600 m²

Other Services

Stevedores: 80 labors working in a shift link for 24/7 during vessels operations alongside at the Terminal.

Offshore activities

Due to its convenient lay and dedicated berth for offshore vessels, the Terminal receives a lot of attention from Multi Nationals in Oil business for drilling activities. Loading/unloading cargoes, storage space for all types of cargo and office space for rent is available, as well.

Market Share 

  • 100% offshore vessels berth at this Terminal.
  • 85% project cargoes for multinationals in oil/gas and gold mining business are discharged in this port.

Equipment available during vessels operations 

  • 2x 45 Ton each Reach Stackers
  • 2x 15-ton Forklift trucks
  • 3x 5-ton Forklift trucks
  • 2x 3-ton Forklift trucks
  • 3x Terberg Trucks
  • 9 x 40ft Mafi Trailers

Logistic Door to Door Service 

Timely delivery of cargoes from Storage area to designated area upon request of client.             

Meet and Greet

Applications visas, hotel accommodation, meet at the airport and arrange transport from Airport visa versa for arrivals or departing crewmembers.


The policy of Kuldipsingh N.V. is that Port Facility employees, the facilities, the ships and cargos are safe and secure. Therefore, Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. is ISPS Code Port Facility certified. The primary objective of this certification is to ensure that international ships are safe during their stay at the port facility.

Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V.  is ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and TRACE certified.