Kuldipsingh is specialised in manufacturing various types of bricks, paving stones and culverts. Using the paving and building stones of Kuldipsingh, you will create the charisma that suits the environment.

Our tiles are very sustainable and easy to maintain. The tiles are available in various colors and can be used for both sidewalks as well as for decorative paving. Kuldipsingh supplies clinkers as rectangular, clover and I-shape in different colors.

Kuldipsingh producece not only clinkers or tiles, but many other concrete products as well. 

Some of the concrete products

  • tiles
  • clinkers (Quadrangular, Clover, I-shape or Triangle profile, different sizes)
  • Curb stones
  • building bricks
  • Driveway bands 
  • v-gutters
  • culverts
  • concrete drainage
  • septic tanks
  • separators
  • driveway entrance curbs