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Kuldipsingh Port Facility

The port facility focuses mainly on the loading and unloading of large (bulk) cargoes.

Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. was established in June 2015. Its aim is to accommodate national and international ships for import and export. Kulipsingh Port Facility N.V. has an open storage area of 15,800 square meters and a closed storage area of 1,675 square meters. The jetty has an area of 6,000 square meters. The deckload is 5 MT/m2 and the draft is 6 to 7 meters (low tide).

The jetty is a solid foundation for exporting building materials and raw materials, including cement, gravel and river sand. Furthermore Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. supplies handling of dangerous cargo (limestone, ammonium nitrate, cyanide, caustic soda, etc.). Imports are construction products like structural steel and reinforcing (rebarb) steel. The port facility chiefly concentrates on loading and unloading large (bulk) cargo.

Furthermore warehouse services (including equipment), stevedoring services and complete logistics are offered. Our main clients are Rosebel/IAM Gold, Newmont and State Oil.

On the site you will find a warehouse with an area of 9,000 m² (300x30m), meant for storage space for the cargo.

The policy of Kuldipsingh N.V. is that Port Facility employees, the facilities, the ships and cargos are safe and secure. Therefore, Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. is ISPS Code Port Facility certified. The primary objective of this certification is to ensure that international ships are safe during their stay at the port facility. 

The expertises of Port Facility: