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Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services

The services that this company provides and delivers are very diverse. Such as from drilling and finalizing oil wells and maintaining and decontamination production wells, to the selling of (drilling) materials and parts.

Innovative company

As an innovative company, Oilfield Services introduces new techniques itself. If a job requires (heavy) equipment or an industrial or maritime transport, we can take care of it. All (transport) equipment is of course operated by qualified staff. To ensure that the work is completed in time, Oilfield Services works closely together with the other Kuldipsingh companies. Offering technical support and providing port facilities such as storage and handling are among Oilfield Services’ core activities.

Safety and quality

Safety and quality are two of Kuldipsingh’s key focuses areas. These characteristics are indispensible if you work with gas and oil. The company is therefore constantly looking for improvements in the area of quality, safety and the environment. Creating a safe working environment both for its own staff and for those of others is one of Kuldipsingh’s core competencies. To guarantee these competencies, Kuldipsingh possesses the following documents and certificates: ISO 9001 Certificate, QMS Manual v 1.1, External Audit report, v 0.1, Quality Policy, v 1.1. Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services, the implementation and provision of services in the energy sector.

Products and services

The expertises of Oilfield Services: